Det är du som…

A lot of stuff is going on lately.

I am internship-ing myself and I like it. I’m also thinking a lot about my future, thinking about all the options that I have. Also I began to hate my studies more than ever before. Fancy that. Last year and I’m so close to quit. That’s what happens when you don’t like the faculty. ;)

In passing week we had this absolutely adorable commercial fest. Valentines day, Alla hjärtans dag, walentynki. The only day when a happy single doesn’t feel so happy. Why? I tell you why. Because everyone is puking rainbows.

People tend to think that when you’re single, this means you’re broken. And valentines day makes you think, that yeah, you kind of are (since you do not pick up left overs laying down on the street because you’re supposed to feel bad or lonely) and what’s worse – that no one is ever going to fix you.

That’s bad. Really. I mean, I’ve been there. Putting myself down, just because I didn’t get the rose or any other flower with a heart-shaped note. Yeah, I’ve been there. When I was in high school.

So now, as a single lady, I see how the problem has grown bigger. Kind of. As it’s said on Internet meme – wow that escalated quickly.
all the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up! We’ve been fed with all these clichés. Just drink wine, lay in bed and cry to Celine Dion or Aretha Franklin. Or Adele, Adele is good. And complain that you’re going to die alone, eaten by Alsatians. Or ask other singles where the heck is your Prince Charming. I bet he lost his horse in the forest. Or lost his mind. Or whatever.

It’s been a while now when I don’t need to bother myself with satisfying someone else’s needs. And I’m ok with it, most of the time. And I wish my single friends were ok with it either. It’s not like I believe that there is some kind of Bigger Plan, but I think that you know the right person when you see one. So why putting myself into relation-shit just to satisfy my entourage? I’m too old for this ;)

Piece of advice, obvious one, everyone feel it in their guts- just take your time. Just because it, love, happens to people around you, doesn’t mean you’re ready for it.

And one more thing. For couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about any kinds of relations. And I see a sad tendency – to complain on others being stupid just because, well, he never calls back, while being mean and unkind first place. So I started to think – maybe it’s not him who’s dumb, maybe it’s you who’s blind?

For the end, a quote from Slash’s song:

we’re all gonna die, so lets be nice

Have a nice weekend!
Ha det jättebra!

3 days rule

Quick one : why waiting if you’re interested?
Thank you How I met your mother for teaching men to wait. This rule sucks, so

I’m not going to wait, na-ah! :)

Anyways, past month was kind of busy. Got an internship, sent all the applications for universities in Sweden, finally started writing my BA thesis… Partied a lot, met some nice people, traveled a little too.
Right now, as usual. I am waiting for Ryanair to announce sales for April and May. I think… Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam. ;) the perspective is a life-saver.

The new rule for living:
book a ticket, just leave and be happy

can we call it… a year?

Another year is passing by. WordPress woke me up today with an e-mail which included my blogging stats and that was a good reminder, that I actually have one.

The long break in studies is soon to end and with every hour I’m getting more and more terrified of shit loads of work that’s waiting for me, but it’s not the good post material. :)

I hope your Christmas were magical and I also hope you all are preparing yourselves for the NYE party. Not like I do. Twisted ankle can really ruin your plans ;)

2012 was a tough year, I must admit. Some regular turbulances, usual PMSing, some travels that I enjoyed so much. Today is a day when you check the list of your new years resolutions and see how bad you are in keeping them ;) I will check them, though I am aware the results must be terrifying! Still, nothing to regret. The 2012 was the year of new, great friendships. I’ve met so many wonderful people and am honoured to have them in my life. We talked a lot, partied a lot, drank, ate, created. We had affairs, one night stands, revenges, relationships of any kind. It was the year of travels. And I hope the next year will be full of amazing trips as well. Every moment was a lesson, even though not always wanted or appreciated :)

To all of you I wish a happy upcoming year! Full of breathtaking moments with the best people! Full of love, happiness and simple joy. And also a little of success, that’s always nice!

And tonight have a great time and drink one for me. Cheers! Skål! Na zdrowie!





one step closer

So it started, finally!

  1. registered for TOEFL
  2. applications to all faculties I’m intrested in Sweden sent
  3. started collecting all the documents I need to send them
  4. copied ID’s and stuff
  5. checked out visa permission etc
  6. current rent prices (auh!)

I feel like moving forward :D Till Sverige!

I’m also one step closer to meet one of my favourite swedish bands. One step closer to lose some weight. One step closer to finish first chapter of my BA thesis. SO many one-step-closers!


And Christmas are one step closer. But I don’t feel like Christmas. I can smell Christmas-frustration in shopping malls, sour grapes in the air. Bazinga :P


i won’t say i’m…

Whenever you say a word, it becomes someone else’s truth or their reality.

So watch your words, young lady!

Whenever you write a word, it becomes a proof of your existance, of your thoughts, your verdict, opinion.

So watch your words.

In this twisted world, when I got quite confused, certain words mean a lot more than they used to.
Sound a lot like a cliche, but I met you by the accident and we started to talk.

And your words made me wanna have this conversation till the end of my life.

And now all is different!




hur vi älskar svenska killar!

A week ago I started celebrating my tomorrow birthday. It was a good start, in Stockholm, with a good Batman’s company. :)

Step by step, how I planned our Stockholm-trip!

At first, I wanted us to go there exactly on my birthday but since I’m going to Belgrade this month as well I decided to go to Stockholm a little before I get old ;) So me and Batman (don’t ask why, just accept it :) ). went to Stockholm by the end of September to come back to Poland on first day of October, so I could prepare my liver for birthday celebration :).

Step 1: find a cheap flight.

A month before, I booked the tickets with Ryanair. With MasterCard pre-paid, it’s booking fee-free, I’m a lucky girl to have one. The best way to find the cheapest flights of Ryanair is to check their website ofc. Though you can always use skyscanner or whatever website you’re used to use for this matter.

Step 2: find a cheap hotel/hostel/ try couch-surfing or visit a friend

I tried first two options and ofc the last one :)

If you prefer to spend more cash on visiting and parties and you are not a ‘hostel’ person, I recommend you Connect Hotel City. The price of the room for one person including breakfast is quite low considering high standard of the room (I’d give it 4stars, I think) and localisation- Kungsholmen, really close to Fridhemsplan T-bana and that is not more than 15min from T-centralen if I’m right.
If I’m going to Stockholm, that’s where I usually stay. Except one time I lived at my friends’ place in Södertälje and my last trip with Batman when we stayed in Acco Hostel. I found it on but I recommend to do the reservation through their website- it’s cheaper. Few words about it? Well, first and most of all it’s affordable for students.That’s the biggest advantage of it after its localisation. Rooms are generally clean (depends on how messy you are :) ), you have free Internet access and if you don’t travel with your own laptop, you can use one at the lobby. Acco Hostel is the online-check in kind of a hostel. This means no one is actually checking if you should be there or not. Surprisingly it works but I think it’s because of the cameras at the lobby monitoring what’s going on :) The standard of the room is ok, nothing really special, just IKEA (<3) furnitures. BUT I have to admit that beds were EXTREMELY uncomfortable esspecially for a drunk young lady :). Anyways we were not in Stockholm to spend our days in hostel, no. The hostel is located in Södermalm, next to Hornsgatan, 5min walking from Zinkensdamm T-bana. Actually everything was in the walking-distance. Up to 1hour (slowly!) walking to Gamla Stan, 30min to Medborgarplatsen where we partied a lot :) I couldn’t imagine a better place for us to stay!

Step 3: check out the parties

I used Songkick, for I have it synchronised with my Spotify account and it shows me upcoming events with my favs. If you stay in Södermalm, you can go to Medborgarplatsen, also called Medis since it sounds more friendly and waaay shorter than Medbor-pf-blA-THR-smth :) There will always be an opened bar! I personally love Debaser (Medis and Slussen, both are really nice). Also been in Bara Bistro Bar. Oh, and for the cheapest beer in Stockholm go to Hellströms Bar & Restaurang. Generally no matter where you go, there will be people to hang out with. Sweds are friendly and open-minded. In general, not only when they’ve drunk too much :) They are so nice and men are good looking :3
Step 4: Take a Stockholm-freak with you to organise it all for you

Not everyone has this luck to have a friend so deeply in love with Stockholm as me :) But if you do, use this. It’s way cheaper to search for information on swedish websites. And they will know some stuff you wouldn’t find on the internet as well.

Step 5: Get lost in the city and take pictures

In any way. Just get lost. Mix directions, skip few bus stops, walk, look around. The city is lovely anytime, all the time.

Few pictures from Stockholms trip below:This way please :)

Tyska kyrkan at night.

View from Djurgårdsbron.


My beloved Gamla Stan.

All for now! :)

ha det bra!


The second part of the ‘spanish’ post. Here come the pictures!


Our trip started in PolskiBus. Some men like to see world burn.

My brother got sleepy way faster than me.Ice-cream in Italy. Only thing I remember ;)

My brother’s best picture. :D

I just love the view! Jardi Botanic Marimutra.

It was windy, you know.Sky is the limit.Park GuellCamp Nou. Been there, done that.

I can see your trueeeee coloooouuursssss! :)Say whaaaat? I’m a hamster. And this green thing was delicious! kiwi smoothie <3The show was amazing. Quality of the pic sucks, too much water in the air.Hello Kitty chocolate! Eat that! :D And it had freakin’ tattoos! :DI like this picture. For the colours.



That’s all I picked for you. Soon another post about my travels. Stockholm again, this time I’m not going there alone but with a friend :) I hope she’ll like the city as much as I do. Expect pictures. We’re also going to visit some places I’ve never been to. Should be interesting :) How I miss Stockholm!

PNR, Social Change, Iran and integration

If you combine them all, they will give you topics and proposals to be discussed on this years BEUM.

Have you ever heard about it?

Yes? Good, now go and apply, you lazy ass, since you know how awesome it is! :)

No? Let me tell you few words about it then!

BEUM – Belgrade Model European Union is a project that allows you to learn by do about EU institutions operation. That doesn’t mean you have to be a EU freak to attend. But if you’re willing to get the knowledge about EU procedures or are interested in politics or your biggest dream is to work as a lobbyst or any other reasons like ‘I like travelling!’ or ‘Let’s meet new interesting people!’ or ‘Why not drinking serbian dark beer in Serbia, isn’t it a wonderful idea after all?’, you should apply for BEUM. Any motivation is good, as a BEUM Team Member I can assure you that we go through every application and make our choices carefully, for the simulation’s sake :)

What’s the best way to experience the most from the new city? Except hours spent on walking and getting lost in the streets :)

Well, the answer is simple- to live and work there. BEUM gives you the opportunity to experience Belgrade to the fullest. During the day you work in the city centre. And by work, I mean work, you get a role to play and if you’re a little ambitious- you will play it good. Girls wearing cocktail dresses and high heels, boys in suits, every single person looks classy. We’re young, we have the potential, the knowledge, the future is ours. At night we transform. Into party animals ready for a club crawl, for a Belgrade’s nightlife. Prepare, because it’s legen…wait for it… dary!

What I liked the most in last years simulation was the social part- club crawling! What I loved- the atmosphere and the people I met. Some of them became my good reliable friends.

A lot of people look for international experience, I wish everyone could be a part of such a wonderful project. If you are interested, apply. You have time till 15.09, click here.

Be a part of my Journalists Team, become a perfect public speaker in European Parliament, improve your debating skills in European Council, become a member of Council of the EU or try lobbying.

The choice is yours. And you’re invited to be a part of BEUM community.

when I came to Spain and I saw people partying…

No promise should be broken, so here we go with my small Trip Advisor!

This summer I was mainly working, except 3-days trip to Prague in June, I haven’t actually been to anywhere. My pale skin was saved by the spanish, or should I say catalan, sun. I decided to devide the Spanish Coverage in two parts. The first one you will see below, the second with the pictures a bit later. Why? Well, when I got home I nearly lost all the pictures I’ve taken, now I got 80% of them back, still waiting for the missing 20%. When I get them, I will make another post. Way more colourful :)

Let’s start from the beginning then. This year my brother and mom became my travel-buddies. We found a really nice offer for Costa Brava. Not so expensive, pretty close to the sea, acceptable standard hotel and the most important- really cheap price for one day trip to Barcelona with sight-seeing and visiting Camp Nou. As my brother is a huge FCB fan, we had to take this offer while it was on table.

The only and main disadvantage of the whole thing was that we had to go there by BUS. This means 30hrs in not so comfy area and in a sitting position. We were not afraid though, last year we went by bus to Croatia and the standard of the bus was so high and the ride- comfortable, we had hope this year will be the same since we took the same travel agency. We were so wrong.

Our trip started 6hrs before leaving Poland since the starting point was in Katowice (I leave in suburbs of Warsaw). We were in Katowice 3hours before the bus to Blanes, our main destination, was supposed to pick us up. Arrived, waited, we were so tired and sleepy when we got into the bus. That’s when the first disappointment happened. We were told to wait about 3hrs more for some kids, who where going by the same bus on camp or whatever thing was that. None of the organisers took the effort to inform other non-camp-kids people that we’re leaving not at 3am, but between 5-6 am. Damn, and I could have left Warsaw up to 8hrs later, this means a long nap!

Anyways I stayed awake in Czech, fell asleep in Austria, don’t remember Italy much (I ate ice-cream, that’s it), in France I was sleeping.

So here we came, after 30hrs of travelling, hello Blanes! The city one of a kind. So nice, so chilly, so incredibly hot and lovely. It’s got me under its charm so fast. It’s so not like polish-nearby-the-sea-cities. Though you can feel it in the air that beach is the place where the ‘LIFE’ is happening- full of pubs, hotels, restaurants. Always crowded, full of laughing people, I just loved the atmosphere! Especially the older people are unbearably cute. Just, you know, sittig on the bench and chatting till late night hours. Incredible.

In Blanes we went to see Jardi Botanic Marimutra. The cost of the visit to the garden was like 6euros, not more. The garden is rather pretty, but not worth the money, I’d say. The place was founded by Carl Faust, who did some botanic research in the area of Blanes. What’s interesting, the city placed a monument for his memory in the treadmill- Faust sitting on a bench with a book, looking at Jardi Botanic somewhere up on the cliff :) Anyways, the place is famous for diversity of presented plants, all put in order based on the area they’re originally from. This makes a division into about three zones- subtropical ( plants from Mexico, Canary Islands, Sud-Africa, America); tempered (plants from China, Japan, palms-garden, bamboo) and mediterranean (plants from California, Chile, Australia). SO if you’re a botanic freak, you should go there. For me, it was nice to see this ONCE, but I wouldn’t go there again, even if I got paid, cause simply my body is not used to all the high temperatures and walking in the sun for like 3hrs is not really my thing :). But, yeah, go there. Congrats if you won’t look like a sweating pig after all :>

Between swimming and sun-bathing, we went to Barcelona. I have to visit this city again. Liked it so much. The city gives the impression of being soooo huge and beautiful, I was just overwhelmed by its beauty. Great architecture, nice people, well-developed infrastructure. Just nice! It makes you want to start spanish/catalan lessons :). And my brother, I don’t remember seeing him happier. Especially in Camp Nou. I was afraid he might have forgotten how to breathe :).

Oh! In Park Guell be careful. Even in the shop, people may try to fit you up. The most innocent thing- buying ice-cream can end up quite bad. I was accused of printing money lol. Stupid asshole wanted to give me false euros as a change. Dumb ass. Like I won’t notice.

The third and last trip we took in Spain, was the Lloret de Mar -Tossa de Mar-cruise. I didn’t like Lloret this much as Tossa. Lloret seems to be just another place bought by Russians to party during vacations. But this place has a potential. If you like to get wasted and not to remember 3/4 of your vacation… pick Lloret instead Blanes. :) Having my kiwi smoothie with, we took a glass-boat to Tossa de Mar. For about an hour, we could watch sea floor through the glass-bottom of our boat. Ouh, fishhhhh! The cost- about 12euros. Quite much, but I loved the views. Tossa took my heart and never gave it back. Absolutely adorable village, with medieval ruins and beautiful Old Town. Nothing more to add, a must-see in Costa Brava.  My favorite part of the whole Spain-trip was WINE. Cheap, good quality though. Was drinking my ass off. *.* Ouh, Malaga <3

My advice- take a lot of bottles or drink a lot of water. Spain is the place where Jesus’ trick of changing water into wine  can happen to ANYONE :D f.ex. 1l of Malaga costs about 2euros. But you have to bring your own bottle. water bottle, see? :) I loved the day when we bought 6,25l bottle of water. Say hello to Cava! :3

So, yeah, here it is. I know it took me a while, but as I got back, I had so many things to handle! Even now I’m suffering from the lack of time.

The good news is that I got majority of pictures taken, so one day I will upload’em. Oh, and expect a post about real EU experience in Belgrade. The simulation I attended last year, and I am attending this year as a Journalists Coordinator. Check the link below and apply!

—–>>>> <<<<—-

That’s it for now. Gotta get back to studies :/